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Amazon presents Smile, a donation program to charities for the purchase of products

Amazon Smile

E-commerce in general, and Amazon in particular, have changed the ways in which we purchase different types of products, although in the case of Amazon, also change the way in which we can support our favorite charities, all automatically. and simple for us. And it is that Amazon has presented its new Smile program, by which to donate 0.5% of purchases of certain products that we acquire through its service to the charity that we indicate.

For this we just have to go to Amazon Smile, where we have to indicate the organization to which we want that 0.5% donation of the purchase we make of certain products, what they call eligible purchases, having within our reach almost a million organizations to choose from. Then just take us to the modified Amazon login page, where we will find the Amazon Smile logo as well as the name of the organization we have chosen. We will only see when a product is eligible when we see it marked as eligible for the Amazon Smile donation. According to Amazon, there are tens of millions of products that are eligible to make donations.

This program is apparently available only to, so we hope that at some point it can be extended to Amazon versions from outside the United States. Thus, once we buy a series of products, in addition to having the illusion to have them, we can also be excited to be contributing to charitable causes. At any time, we can always exchange the charity for one of our choice.