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Amazon launches Kindle Matchbook, to buy electronic books for less than $ 3

Kindle Matchbook

It is more and more common to find people in our cities reading, in their spare time, their favorite titles through their electronic book readers, devices that allow them to house many titles and that they can always carry with them thanks to their low weight. . Ebook reader users will now be able to count on a new service offered by Amazon, called the Kindle Matchbook, which works similar to Amazon AutoRip although focused on books.

Kindle Matchbook them allow e-book titles to be obtained at prices ranging from completely free to below three dollars, having entrance of some 70,000 titles available, amount that will grow over time. Users will be able to navigate through their Amazon purchase history to see which of the titles purchased on physical media are already available on electronic media. In addition, they will be able to carry out these consultations continuously if some of their favorite titles are not yet available electronically. The service recognizes purchases made since 1995, at which time Amazon began selling books.

Johnny Carson, WOOL, The Alchemist, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and All-New X-MEN Volume 1 are some of the titles available, as announced from their press release. Basically, users will be able to electronically support some of those titles that until now were physically on their shelves, being able to take them with them wherever they go from their electronic book readers.

Link: Amazon Kindle Matchbook