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amatteur, the athlete’s social network, includes a search and geolocation service


Since amatteur (, a social network in Spanish for those who play sports, tell us about some of the new features included in its new version.

In addition to sharing experiences with photos and videos, creating a web album that can be published in a few steps, they can now search for other people to find a partner who wants to share their time to do the same sport. For this they use the possibility of geographically locating the user, so the results will only be from other athletes who are nearby.

Thus, it joins the possibility of searching for a sponsor, organizing tournaments or announcing sports objects on a social network that from its first version allows us to interact, publish our agenda and inform our followers of the progress we are making.

It is also possible to advertise sports objects, thus entering the e-commerce category, a category in which they had already timidly peeked out with the possibility of searching for sports medicine, shops, etc., since specialized companies have a presence in this network. .

They are already working on a module with prizes for the most voted images, as well as a section designed to promote and search for sporting events.

Social networks for athletes are growing quite a bit in recent months, it seems that the integration of various functionalities on a single platform is one of the secrets to being able to compete in such a disputed category.