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AllThings, a task manager with interesting features


If we are looking for new options to organize our personal or professional life with a simple but powerful task manager, we can consider AllThings.

It is a task manager that combines many of the characteristics that we already know in other proposals. It has an attractive interface that allows us with a simple glance to see the pending tasks of the day, those that we have marked as important, those that are about to start, etc.

When creating lists, we will find different interesting options that allow us to take into account various details. We will be able to personalize each list with different colors and icons to set priorities, add, notes, comments, multimedia content.

If what we are looking for is to organize a project, we can use the folders to gather all the lists in one place. Each one of the lists that we have created has the option to share it with other users through their email.

And if it is a team effort, we can allow the collaboration of our colleagues, as well as see updates in real time, or receive different types of notifications to closely follow each of the changes that are being made.

AllThings has a free option for personal use that we can access just by registering.