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AllCast, to send content to the TV, already in stable phase for all Android 4.0+ devices


Earlier this month, the AllCast application was launched in beta, which allows Android device users to broadcast the multimedia content they have on their own devices to other devices connected to televisions. Today there are news about AllCast, since it becomes available in a stable phase for all users, allowing for the time being the diffusion of images and videos, although later they will support the diffusion of music.

The supported devices are Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung and Panasonic smart TVs, Google TV devices and devices that have DLNA support and are connected on the same WiFi or Ethernet network. Regarding ChromeCast, it will have support when Google allows it, according to the AllCast file itself on Google Play. Note that the application can be purchased for free even if it has advertising and some limitations, which will be removed in the paid version.

According to TechCrunch, it is still early for this application, although its state is stable enough to have reached version 1.0, which will lead to its proper functioning on supported devices. It must be curious to be able to show on a large screen the multimedia content hosted and sent from the Android devices themselves, although in the case of AllCast, playback is performed directly from the devices themselves.

AllCast is available for Android 4.0 terminals onwards. At the moment, users who have already tried it have been delighted with its operation, according to the comments made by the same users through Google Play.