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All the weather forecast on your smartphone with El Tiempo 14 days

All the weather forecast on your smartphone with El Tiempo 14 days

All the weather forecast on your smartphone with El Tiempo 14 days

Don’t let the rain catch you again without an umbrella. The best thing to be aware of the weather is an application on your smartphone such as El Tiempo 14 dias.

What are the applications that can not miss on your phone? Definitely can never miss an application of time, either to know what the temperatures will be during the week (and thus also choose our clothes for the day) or to plan in detail the departures of the weekend and that bad weather does not ruin our plan.

This time we will talk about the The Weather 14 days app which is available for all major mobile operating systems and has accumulated millions of downloads.

All meteorological information in El Tiempo 14 days

As you can guess by its name, this application offers us a weather forecast for the next 14 days And, of course, it is updated every day and even the interface’s own color changes depending on the temperature to have an instant idea of ​​how hot (or cool) the day is being.

Includes meteorological information of more than 20,000 locations in Spain (and more than 450,000 places around the planet) and in it you can search for exact cities to choose as favorites or directly use your location to show you the forecast in the area you are currently in. Among the data displayed on its interface we find temperatures, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, rain, humidity, time of sunrise and sunset, phases of the moon and much more.

It integrates graphs with this data to see them more clearly and it has up to 4 different types of widgets to always have them in view.

Free and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10

The Weather 14 days is the official application of and Meteored, it includes AEMET alerts and from other European countries. In the case of the Android version, the app integrates with Google Now To show cards with predictions, the iOS version is also compatible with apple watch And the universal Windows 10 app (for smartphone, tablet and desktop) allows you to place Live Tiles of constantly changing information.

You can download El Tiempo 14 das totally free from the main application stores of each system: