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All services where you can activate authentication in two steps

All services where you can activate authentication in two steps

All services where you can activate authentication in two steps

Know all the services that allow you activate authentication in two steps to protect your accounts.

Small weeks we have been with failures of security, hacks and massive password leaks. We live in a time when part of our lives is on the Internet. We use dozens of different services to store photos, information, emails, personal information on social networks and payment platforms.

We no longer know how many times we have repeated that you worry about the security of your accounts, that you use strong passwords, unique and complicated.In recent days we have known hacks such as TeamViewer that has allowed attackers to access computers around the world remotely, being able to use them at will.

Improve your account security with two-step authentication

Even Mark Zuckerberg himself, the creator of Facebook, has been hacked by using the same password for multiple sites.

The massive leaks Data is the order of the day, unfortunately, so companies are on the lookout for what is moving in the dark zone of the Internet in case something similar happens, and that is why it is likely that in recent days you have received alerts from different services recommending you change your password.

That does not mean that they have been hacked, most of the time it is about preventive measures.

All services with two-factor authentication

However, in addition to changing the password, what you should do to further secure your account is to activate two steps.

two-step authentication

Authentication in two steps or two factors (2FAo 2-Step Verification) is basically a method that verifies that you are the one who is trying to log in to an account and for this you have to enter, in addition to our usual password, a unique code that is usually generated at the moment and that is usually sent to our smartphone or sectioned in an application (as Google Authenticator does, for example).

Many Internet services have added the possibility of activating verification in two steps, although sometimes we do not find out that it is there. Luckily there is a tremendously useful website created for collect all websites, con2FA services and platforms.

The website is not exactly new, it has been running for a few years, but it has improved a lot both in design and functionality, and now it also integrates information from many more services, because it is the community itself that is adding them, so keeps updated.

services authentication

On your home page we have a seeker so that we can directly find out if a website has two-factor authentication or we can browse its categories, depending on the theme or nature of the service.

As a bonus, it also informs us of the authentication classes(for example if it is done by SMS, with a call, by email, by dedicated apps) and links directly to the official documentation.