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All missions in the history of space exploration

All missions in the history of space exploration

All missions in the history of space exploration

This map shows all missions in the history of space exploration.

We live in a time of discoveries thanks to the huge amount of projects and missions that is underway to learn more about both our planet and everything around us in the Universe.

Just a few days ago we were talking about ExoMars, the last major space exploration mission that has been launched and is being carried out by the European Space Agency (ESA). Composed of several stages that will be completed in the coming years, the objective of ExoMars is to study Mars and, perhaps in the future, create a human colony there.

The map of space exploration missions

However, ExoMars is one of the dozens of missions that have been carried out to date, some have gone unnoticed by society, while others have been known throughout the planet, as happens for example with the New Horizons probe that showed us Pluto as never before and still continues to move away from Earth -.

From the Luna 2 probe which was launched in 1959, up to satelliteDSCOVR theDeep Space Climate Observatory Launched in 2015, all space exploration missions are compiled on the map below.

It has been prepared by PopChartLab, what’s more, you can buy it in a pster size and it is certainly great as a decorative element of the most original.

On the map of the space missions historyNot only do we see the name, year of launch and where each probe, satellite or exploration element is headed, but in a very graphic way we can see the trajectory they followed, passing through the orbits of each planet or its moons. Obviously, in all these years there is a large concentration of missions at close range, to explore near Earth elements.

You can download the higher resolution image here

And many more exploration missions to come


A few days ago we also saw a website with a series of interactive graphics that, in addition to giving us an idea of ​​how gravity would affect us on each planet, there was also a interplanetary missions.

This is only a small part of what awaits us in the coming years, there are many missions underway, many projects for know what’s beyond and NASA is already developing the engines that will allow us deep space.