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All About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

All About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

All About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Today Microsoft has unveiled several new features in the Windows 10 anniversary update, the next step in the evolution of the operating system.

Yes, evolution, not revolution. We are not facing a new Windows, but as expected, Windows 10 will receive improvements over the years.

Will Windows 10 be the latest Microsoft operating system? It is unlikely, but with updates like the one with the Redstone code name, we can say that we will have Windows 10 for a while.

This is the Windows 10 anniversary update

Microsoft calls this update the Windows 10 anniversary update, because it will arrive just one year after the initial release of the operating system.

Biometric security everywhere

Safety is an important point, and now Edge apps and browser will support biometric identification.

That means that web pages can use our face, our retina, or our fingerprint to identify us.

Pencil + PC = more possibilities

The use of the pen on devices like the Surface Pro will be improved, and simply by keeping it on the screen we can access applications as notes.

And speaking of notes, if we write dates Cortana will be able to recognize it. For example, if we write tomorrow, Cortana mark the date on the calendar.

Virtual rules will allow us to draw straight lines, and of course Windows applications are able to recognize what we draw. Even the maps app is capable of rendering what we draw in three dimensions.

All universal Windows applications will come to Xbox One, as part of the platform that Microsoft has created for developers. Also, Cortana will come to Xbox one.

Update for mid-year

The anniversary update is an opportunity for Microsoft to deliver on the promises it failed to deliver prior to the release of Windows 10 last year.

The Anniversary update will come mid-year for free to all Windows 10 users.Specifically, be in summer in the northern hemisphere and in winter in the southern hemisphere.