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ALE – a page for reading and writing in a fun way

ALE - a page for reading and writing in a fun way

ALE (Help for Literacy) is a project of the Andalusian Regional Government Councilor for Education that is already a few years old but has not lost its shine.

It is a space for compulsory education students to practice your reading and writing skills, specifically in the areas of: spelling, reading, writing and vocabulary.

The website begins with a Toy Story-style presentation that immediately captures the attention of visitors and encourages them to participate in the activities it offers.

The interactive activities found in each section are very similar to those that the student can find in any Primary or Secondary Language and Literature textbook, but by being presented in the form of a game they make the task more attractive.

In addition, the web has a space for varied games to work on different cognitive skills such as memory, attention or concentration in the miscellaneous section.

This is a proposal that brings together many of the typical exercises with which students usually have problems in the Spanish Language area, so it is worth using it to reinforce class content or review before an exam.