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airwander, a flight search engine different from the rest

mayo 23, 2020

When we use a flight search engine we are always clear about the origin, the date and the destination, we only look for the best price, and that is a rule that is maintained by all the projects that we have already discussed in this category.

What airwander offers is something completely different, more geared towards backpackers, those who are not looking for a fixed destination, or those who are looking to get to know several cities stopping from one place to another.

We only have to indicate the origin and the date, being possible to put one or more destinations, as well as receive suggestions of various types, from any country. The route can be extended at any time by adding more stops, and the system will automatically calculate the price change taking into account several variables, including, of course, the new flights that must be purchased.

It is possible to indicate the type of trip, the number of people and the currency of the result. We can, for example, select the round-the-world option, round trip, from a single address … always with the possibility of indicating whether it is a trip for one person or for several, including children.

The platform is fast, and has several sources to always offer the best option (the cheapest). On social media, meanwhile, they tend to show photos of various destinations to inspire us before our next vacation.