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Aire – Questions and answers between our neighborhood, for mobile


Among the 18 finalists of the ADC Best in Apps Contest and the WebCongress, the 2 presented by AppCircus, is Aire, an application for Android (Google Play) and iPhone (iTunes) that was born to help those seeking advice and recommendations of all kinds.

With a question and answer model, the application focuses on solving local problems (such as knowing the best places in a city, for example), although they also open the doors to more general topics, such as knowing the opinion of a certain topic or knowing what’s new on any specific matter.

We can define the radius of action to see if someone close to us is in charge of answering our questions, seeing on a map the circle that represents the scope of our question.

The idea is good, the design is elegant, although to avoid finding ourselves on an absolutely silent island, with unanswered questions, there needs to be a large community behind the system. There is the option, of course, for several neighbors to agree to register with the system and help each other with questions from within Aire, which can help in the growth of the system.