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Airbnb renews its mobile applications for Android and iOS


At this point, we can no longer question the usefulness of having mobile devices with Internet access to carry out tasks in which until a few years ago we can only do them on desktop computers. For example, if we have to find accommodation in a different city for a short trip, we can use our mobile devices to search. Already depending on the tools that we have at our disposal on our mobile devices what gives us that user experience that we need to facilitate the task.

And in this sense, Airbnb has reimagined its mobile applications for Android and iOS, facilitating and giving greater autonomy to both hosts and guests, so that the improvements made seek to better connect with each other through their mobile devices.

The announcement has been made in the new office that Airbnb has in San Francisco, where on the host side a more optimized panel is included in which through a single screen, they can perform tasks such as answering incoming messages, accepting reservations , manage the next guests, prepare and update their calendar, as well as request a photograph directly from the application. In addition, the same application allows hosts to connect with each other to have conversations and share knowledge and experiences.

On the side of the guests, the section of the discovery of the announcements of the places that may interest them when choosing where to stay has been improved. Communication with hosts has also been simplified.

Trust and security has been another of the areas in which Airbnb has been working, especially with the launch of the verified identification, as reported by TechCrunch, with which it has been requiring some hosts and guests to verify their identities. by scanning an identification document or passport with their mobile terminals or by responding with the same type of historical information to credit their identities.

Applications are already available through the respective markets.