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Airbnb: New version with new search engine and featured maps


In the framework of TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, the CTO and co-founder of Airbnb, Nate Blecharczyk, has unveiled the improvements made in the searches on the platform itself in which, from today, it will be easier for users to search for accommodation according to your needs and possibilities to make the corresponding reservations.

Basically, the new search experience has focused on the inclusion, within the new search page, of a new larger map that allows users to locate the areas where they want to stay, encountering the ads corresponding to the area of ​​the map that are viewing. This new map represents 40% of the screen space, being also dynamic, adapting to the size of the browser window. Best of all, users will have all the information they need on the same page, thus fulfilling the objective of speeding up searches to make the corresponding reservations.

The new search experience also improves the information of the places of residence, where the images is a key factor for which even professional photographers have captured images of the most representative and interesting accommodation, making the images more relevant in the relation of results. on the new search page. Finally, users will have access to the most important filters to have them easily accessible, although they can also access the rest of the filters available on the platform itself to adapt the results list to their particular needs.

Since Airbnb monetizes its service through bookings, the improvements to the new search page is a boost to increase such bookings, improvements that benefit both the platform itself and the parties it mediates, the owners of the accommodations. and users looking for places to reside in certain places.

At the same event, Nate Blecharczyk also spoke about financing, stating that a year ago he raised a financing round of about $ 200 million, led by the Founders Fund.