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Air, wireless headphones that promise to deliver outstanding audio quality


We continue to find interesting wireless headphone options. This time, we look at Air, whose managers call it the world's first acoustic device based on carbon nanotube technology.

Among its qualities, facing the user, the great sound quality it can offer, its ergonomics, its support for transmissions through Bluetooth 4.2, its IPx6 water protection, its duration of up to 15 hours per charge (it has portable charger), and even its compatibility to work with Amazon speakers to dictate instructions to Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, thanks to its integrated microphone, among others.It currently has an open campaign in Indiegogo where it has clearly exceeded the goal of 50,000 dollars, more than 5,000%, and that is still 7 days ahead, which will allow new sponsors to join the more than 2,200 that are currently available, being able to welcome existing rewards.

Speaking of rewards, the initial price at which you can buy a pair of Air wireless headphones is $ 119, with a year of warranty, whose shipments are estimated for the next month of April (2017) globally.

Note that Air has two variants, one that combines the colors white and blue and another, which they consider as elegant, that combines the colors black and red.

As it could not be otherwise, on the campaign's own page they talk in detail about the technology used and compare its characteristics against other wireless headphones, including Apple's Airpods.