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AdSense adds Experiments feature to test ad unit configurations


If you have implemented different AdSense ad units in your web space, you may still have wondered which of the configurations of these blocks offer better performance, having to carry out tests manually and compare the results. Well, now you have it much easier, since the AdSense team announces the launch of the function of AdSense Experiments, in beta phase, which you can find in your AdSense account, and which allows you to create and analyze A / B for specific ad units, avoiding you to make code and ad changes in your same web space, being able to compare the performance of the original configuration with respect to the variant.

The same announcement indicates that within 24 hours after launching any experiment, you will see a reliability score for both configurations of ad units, implying which of the two configurations could have better performance over time, being a Data that may vary throughout the experiment, so they recommend waiting for it to reach at least 95% before opting for one configuration or another.

Note that during testing, the system will optimally divide traffic between the two ad unit configurations. Higher throughput will mean more traffic and more potential to receive income even within the experiment phase.

So now you know, if you think that the ads from the ad units on your web space can give more than if, you can already start testing, you may still be surprised.