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Adblock Plus now allows you to block images and videos from the Twitter website

AdBlock Plus

Unlike mobile applications, in the desktop browser version, Twitter does not allow disabling images and videos linked to tweets, so users will have to support the appearance of this content. Well, AdBlock Plus allows its blocking from today, although from what we can read in its official announcement, it is not a filter that is available and that performs the serial blocking function automatically.

Instead, users have to follow a series of steps, indicated in the article itself, depending on the web browser we use, be it Firefox, Chrome or Opera, to add custom filters. Once we have followed the steps to add our own filters, we only have to include the filter instruction chains to block both images and videos, which will avoid having to support new images and videos in the Twitter website.

The filter instruction strings are as follows:

For images: ##. Tweet .media>> img

For videos: ##. Js-stream-tweet> .content> .expanded-content> .tweet-details-fixer> .js-media-container[data-card2-name=player]

As we see, AdBlock Plus can disappoint us a little due to the way it allows users to include such filters, when the most logical thing is that we can include them with just a click away. This new possibility joins the existing one, focused on Facebook, allowing us to eliminate annoying elements on your own page. See if over time the access to said filters improves without the need to carry out steps, which for any user with little computer knowledge, will be lost without the possibility of completing the operation.