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Activate night mode on the Twitter website

Activate night mode on the Twitter website

Activate night mode on the Twitter website

With this extension you can activate the night mode on the Twitter websiteenChrome and Firefox.

Twitter is not at its best, its future has been in doubt for a long time and it is not the first time that we hear that it is looking for a buyer, however it is still the social network that millions of people use every day and, honestly, one of my favorites to be at the So much of today. There is nothing more immediate.

A few weeks ago, Twitter Finally, he added the night mode in his iOS application, a dark mode that had been available for Android beta users for months, but what happens in the web version?

Night mode on the web version of Twitter

I am very fan of night mode In the Twitter application, with this option the entire interface of the app starts to use dark bluish colors, something that is especially appreciated when we use it in dark environments, although I have been activated all day.

However, if we use the web version of Twitter when we are in front of the computer, we have no choice but to deal with the white / clear interface.

Thanks to the extensions for the browser you can now put that night mode on Twitter web. Developer Sriram Thiagarajan has created the extension Twitter Web Night Mode and you can already get an idea of ​​what it does.

It is enough to install it so that the website of Twitter adopts the same colors as in the night mode of the application. In addition, you can switch back to light mode by clicking on the extension icon that will appear at the top of the browser.

The extension plays its part, but it still has a lot to to get better since it only works on the main page of Twitter, that is, in the timeline of tweets. The developer has already warned that it is working on bringing dark mode to the rest of the interface. This extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Use a Twitter client and improve your experience

The web version of Twitter is fine for the basics, but if you want to use Twitter in a way more comfortable and personalized we recommend that you use a alternative customer. Here we talk about the best for Windows:

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