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Access the secret categories of Netflix and discover thousands of movies and series

Access the secret categories of Netflix and discover thousands of movies and series

Access the secret categories of Netflix and discover thousands of movies and series

You know the Netflix secret categories? Discover thousands of movies and series with this extension that reveals the hidden genres within Netflix.

The Netflix catalog is huge, the streaming video-on-demand service continues to increase the number of subscribers (they hope to overcome the barrier of 100 million users in a few months) and to continue growing, the key is to continue adding content service.

Every month dozens of series, films, documentaries are added to Netflix and new seasons or series of their own productions are added, so it is difficult to know everything. We can navigate through the different default genres that appear in both the web version and the application, but Did you know that there are secret categories on Netflix?

Browse the secret categories of Netflix

When we browse Netflix we see the classic categories of Action, Comedies, Dramas, Classic, Animated, etc., however these are very general categories that encompass hundreds of productions inside. There is a way to get to movies of a very specific genre, for example Asian action movies or spas movies. They are the categories of Netflix secrets and with this extension you will have them within reach of a click.

Is named Netflix Categories, is free and available to everyone in the Google Chrome extension store. When installing it, a button will be placed at the top of the browser; When you click on it, some of those secret categories will appear, but when you click on the All Categories option, a list with all those hidden genres on Netflix.

Great for discovering new content on Netflix

There are several dozen categories of all kinds, from specific anime genres to selections of Australian films, certain types of action films, leaked comedies and much more. Just click on each category and it will automatically load the Netflix page with the movies and series that belong to that classification in the browser.

Has integrated search engine and can be marked categories as favorites by pressing the heart button, they will always appear first.

It is not the first time that we talk about Netflix categories and previously we discussed the possibility of browsing through them with the Super Browse for Netflix extension, however this application has become paid (1.49 a year).

Netflix Categories is great for discovering content on the content platform and is totally free.