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About, the Spanish alternative of Siri for Android

sherpa is an assistant for Android, available in our language, which helps us access information and perform various actions using only our voice.

Those who know how Siri works, or have heard of its new version in iOS 7, will be familiar with these types of assistants, although from what they announce on their page it seems that manages to be more efficient than its apple cousin :

Who is Obama ?, Play a U2 song, I’m hungry !, What has Bara done ?, What is the weather in Bogot ?, Call my brother, Make an appointment on Saturday, Post on Facebook I’m happy, Make a transfer in PayPal 25 euros, I want to fly to Rome, How much are Google’s shares

Founded in Spain by Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria, and competing on Android with the giant Google Now, it was born in October 2012 and in March of this year got an investment of 1.6 million dollars to leave our borders. Currently 12 people are working from Bilbao to keep this project updated (this week they have launched a new update).

If we compare Sherpa with Siri, and at they have, we see some fundamental differences. Sherpa allows you to post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, allows you to change languages ​​on the fly by saying change to Spanish, or Change English and allow to pay with paypal; Siri only allows posting to Facebook and is not capable of any of the above options.

Sherpa is not a static solution, it is an intelligent solution that learns with use. It is capable of integrating with more systems than Siri and, from what we can see on Google Play, it has nothing to envy to Google Now:

We read and send messages for you, we send emails, we search for flights, we read tweets, we open apps, we calculate, we send your messages to WhatsApp, we receive and read news, we translate words into other languages ​​…

We leave you with the presentation video that was published at its launch: