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A website to win the Honeymoon through donations

luna de miel

They present as a new website created so that the bride and groom can receive donations from friends and family for their honeymoon.

The idea is for couples to register everything they need to have the honeymoon of their dreams (plane ticket, hotel nights, lunches, dinners, gifts, transportation, etc.). Each gift included in the platform can be divided into parts so that guests can pay for it among several (a 1,500-euro ticket can be divided into 100 vouchers of 15 euros, for example), thus allowing affordable prices and receiving everything from the same platform.

During the registration we can create the map and specify the details of the wedding. The guests will have to enter and select what they want to give, allowing access to a complete profile with the entire project.

It is possible to define payment methods (paypal and transfer), thus helping friends and family to collaborate in the way they consider most comfortable. The project charges a commission, so it is important to consult the values ​​so that in the end nothing is missing and the necessary money can be withdrawn.

Generally, this type of collaboration is carried out in a less organized way, receiving money in envelopes or transfers. Having a website helps make this donation of money more attractive, since the guests are giving away part of a dinner in Rio de Janeiro, not a white envelope with tickets inside.

An interesting and undoubtedly original idea.