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A website to find out if your email is among lists of stolen accounts


With so many news that we read periodically about Twitter accounts, e-mail, Facebook, etc. who have been hacked and victim of data theft attacks, it is normal to think about whether this has been our case and review the security of our accounts and records. Obviously in this case we want to review that nothing unusual has been published in our accounts and that the password has not been changed, but the best thing is to start at the beginning and simply know if our e-mail is among the data lists stolen.

For this we have a simple website called Have I Been Pwned? that tells us, at the moment, if our email account is present in a list of hacking of data. We simply have to enter the email address we want to review in the search tab that appears on the site, and at the moment they will tell us if it has been found in the lists that are published frequently with data stolen from specific databases.

We also have a section called Pwned websites that will inform us of which websites have been hacked Lately, in case we want to improve the security of our registry.

Recently we saw how the access data of millions of Adobe accounts were stolen, where the password was not extremely protected, so millions of email and password combinations are circulating freely on the web. These types of sites help us identify if our email is among them, remembering that using the same password on several sites is not a good idea, since if they steal the data of one, they will end up having access to all of them.

Now hopefully haveibeenpwned do not use the reported emails to sell them to spammers …