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A tax ruling shows the drafts of other people's income

A tax ruling shows the drafts of other people's income

A tax ruling shows the drafts of other people's income

The campaign of the Income statement 2015 and he has done it with controversy.

From Wednesday, April 6, citizens can access the systems to prepare their erasers, In addition, as a novelty, this year added the possibility of doing it also from mobile devices.

At least that was the theory, because the reality has been that the systems that Estate had prepared have collapsed and during the first day there have been few users who have managed to access the system to perform any operation.

Unerror allows to see the drafts of the Income of other users

Now, if the start of the campaign has been marked by the collapse of the Treasury systems, serious computer error that would have allowed me to see other people’s drafts.

This is reported by El Confidencial, who would have confirmed this computer failure with sources from the Tax Agency. On the first day of the 2015 Income Tax Campaign, there were more than 315,000 requests and it was detected that some of the users who clicked on the draft preview see how the system loads other people’s drafts.

According to the Tax Agency, the error affected people who were making queries to the system under the same server, but a few hours after being detected was disabled the draft preview.

Despite the efforts of the Treasury to make things easier for everyone, introducing compatibility with mobile devices, the Income campaign 2015 It could not have started worse. If you have not yet entered, you have all the details on its official website, from 10 onwards you can request help for the declaration and the term lasts until June 30.