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A study on the photos that most attract attention on Instagram


The bluer photos win more likes, the redder ones receive up to 24% less approval than the rest, users prefer images in which a single color occupies up to 40% of the photograph, photos with low saturation are more attractive to the public (more than those of vibrant colors) and the light ones receive up to 24% more I like that the dark ones.

Those are some of the data that the visual analysis platform has generated Heal (, which analyzed 30 characteristics among 8 million Instagram photos.

In the studio they also talk about the proportion of the space in the background of the image, as well as the textures (photos with a lot of texture attract up to 78% more attention than smooth ones).

In February Curalate launched its visual analytics solution for Pinterest and Instagram. The idea is to allow brands to know which are the most popular images, something very important now that Instagram has opened its advertising platform.

In addition to offering reports, Curalate helps to distinguish between the images of the brands published by the followers of those that have been published by the brands themselves, as reported on their website.

You can get more information about the study carried out in this article from