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A smart, smartphone-controlled WiFi thermostat


Yes, smart phones help us improve communication between people, keep us entertained in an elevator, publish and consult news, spend more time than is strictly necessary in the bathroom … and much more.

We recently talked about Dymotics as a system that allows us to transform our phone into a remote control to control the washing machine, heating, curtains … and today we follow the same line after knowing Green Momit (

It is a company dedicated to energy efficiency at home and in the company. They are part of the Wayra team at Telefnica and have created a Wifi thermostat, smart, easy to program and that can be controlled from anywhere and at any time thanks to a mobile app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The thermostat helps us save up to 20% on the electric bill and also offers an innovative design, with 7 different display models, using the latest technology.

The device learns from our habits, analyzing the daily routine to automatically configure itself based on what has been learned, although what strikes us is the number of things that can be done from the iPhone or Android: Check the ambient temperature and humidity, adjust the temperature and calendar programming, access advanced settings and functions, remotely turn it off … The possibilities we have with a smarphone without limit … we are only beginning to use its full potential.