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A simple way to edit our photos on Facebook


If we want to have for our Facebook photos basic editing tools or an effects kit to give it a special touch, we can consider this Chrome extension that we will discuss today.

It is not a new option, since we have known it for a long time with another name, but now we will find it as Photon. Just by integrating it into the browser we will have an interesting photo editor on our Facebook account.

We just have to open the photograph in the viewfinder so that we find all the options that the Aviary Photo Editor offers us.

Among the options we have those that allow us to resize the photograph, rotate, crop, add brightness, contrast, among other alternatives. We can also add different frames, going through a range of styles. And if we want to give it a fun touch then we can add some of the stickers that the application contains.

We can add text or use different brushes to draw on the photograph. Or we can resort to the section dedicated to filters, where we will find 20 different options. And as an additional help, we have the zoom tool to see in detail different parts of the photograph.

Once we have edited our image, we can save it on our computer or update it on our Facebook account.