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A simple way to create short training routines


If we spend a lot of time in front of our team for work or study issues, it can be difficult for us to get off the screen to take a break to exercise.

A quick and simple way to fix this oversight is to use options like Sworkit. It is an application that we can use both from our devices on iOS, Android or from the web. The idea is very simple, we have to point out what period of time we have to exercise, what part of our body we want to work, if we choose a yoga posture or different sequences.

We can schedule routines from 5 to 60 minutes, so we will have no excuses to get out of the chair and exercise. We will have a video to guide us in the exercise that we want to perform that will be played until we meet the established time. We also do not have to worry about calculating time, since the application has an always visible stopwatch, coordinating the transitions.

An interesting detail of Sworkit is that the exercises that he proposes in each routine are random, so we avoid boredom. It is an ideal proposal for those who do not want to complicate themselves with too many options, do not have time to move around or do not know how to start their training plan.