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A simple way to create online lessons and assign projects


If we are looking for an option to complement our classes with online lessons to assign to our students, we can consider Themeefy.

It is a healing tool that allows us to collect those topics of our interest, in an organized and simple way to share. And it also gives us the possibility of creating classrooms and groups to manage different educational activities.

The process is very simple, we just have to create an account and start using all the options. When creating a class we will be asked for a name and a description, and from there we can add lessons, assign projects, among other activities.

When creating a class, a URL is generated that we can share with invitations through email. Classes can be private, directed only to our students or public so that anyone who knows the URL can view the content.

It has some additional options that allow us to customize the group dynamics we have created and take control of student performance. We can also choose to ask our class to generate their own content on a specific topic using the different sources that Themeefy proposes.

It is a simple and free proposal that we can implement in our next study plan.