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A simple way to add filters to our photos


We have different options that allow us to give a special touch to our photographs with filters and effects. To which we add a new proposal, Stunwal.

The idea behind Stunwal is to offer a quick and easy option to integrate filters into our photos, to share them later on the web. We do not need to download any plugin, nor integrate it into our browser, simply save it among our bookmarks to use it when we need it.

We can edit photos that we upload from our computer, from the webcam or through image URLs that we find on the web. Stunwal has a series of filters that we can use and combine to give it the desired effect.

Once we have finished editing the photo, it gives us the option to share it on Facebook, Twitter. Or we will be provided with a link to share in the social media that interests us. Our friends or contacts who receive the link to the photograph will be able to view it in all its glory, without any type of publicity or distractions.

In the same interface they can leave comments, likes or share it in their own social circles. And one of the details that we can notice is that we are informed of the number of views that our image has had. Although we do not need to register, by creating an account we can keep track of all the images we have shared through this application.