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A live heist reminds us that playing Pokémon Go without caution is dangerous

A live heist reminds us that playing Pokémon Go without caution is dangerous

A live heist reminds us that playing Pokémon Go without caution is dangerous

The danger of playing Pokmon Go, or anything else that requires your full attention, is that you may not realize that you will be robbed until it is too late.

No matter what you are doing on the mobile, you should always be clear where you are and what is happening around you; This is what we can learn after the TwitchRickeybot user was attacked and robbed in the middle of the street while streaming for pokemon.

The events occurred last night in Central Park, New York; in the video posted on YouTube of the recording of the broadcast, he is clearly distracted watching the game and probably the chat room, not realizing that a man is approaching him. To his back.

A live robbery, broadcast all over the Internet

Everything happens very quickly: Rickeybot is grabbed from behind and hit in the face, and the mobile changes hands after the struggle. In Twitch chat they ask if everything is a montageNow if Rickeybot gets up saying it’s all a joke. But that doesn’t happen, and instead we hardly see how the thief starts running like crazy.

After what seems like hours, the attacker finally stops and checks his button; Smartly, the first thing you do is cover the front camera, and then go into the device settings.

His idea makes sense: taking advantage of the fact that the mobile is not locked, access the settings to restore the device to the factory settings; in other words, formats it so that any app that could show its position does not work.

With the Samsung logo, streaming stops and doubts about Rickeybot’s health and the fate of the device begin. The chat is full of people, some trying to help, others laughing at the misfortunes of others.

At the time of writing these lines,Rickeybot has already reassured his followers, although he suffered a hard blow to the jaw that has caused a great swelling; In addition, he hit his head on the ground and suffered abrasions on his elbows. And to add insult to injury, Twitch suspends your account for 24 hours, for no apparent reason.

Normally it is now when we give up on the mobile and the criminal, but ironically, the distraction that Pokmon Go and Twitch represented could also be the savior of Rickeybot, since in the video you can see the thief’s face,And Rickeybot’s version is even clearer.

What you should learn from the danger of playing Pokmon Go


Although it is not the first time that Pokmon Go is the protagonist of a similar story, it must be remembered that these incidents are nothing new; any app that distracts us, be it a game or a simple web browser, can leave us defenseless against an attacker, especially if we are walking alone at night in the middle of a park (as much as Central Park is).

Another important detail is that Rickeybot usually announces his broadcasts to his followers with some advance, so someone could easily plan the heist in a busy area; Also, someone following Twitch streaming may have noticed that Rickeybot is easily distracted by looking at the screen.

In the streaming fever, of telling everyone what we are doing, it is easy not to realize that for unscrupulous people We are easy victims with huge bright signs.