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A lamp that turns on when you bring wooden balls with magnets

mayo 23, 2020

Technology is constantly mixed with good taste, and this project that we present to you proves it once again.

It is the Heng Balance Lamp, a lamp that appeared timidly on kickstarter to exceed 500% of what was ordered in just a few days, with 30 still pending to continue receiving orders. The cost of each unit is about 40 euros, and they start shipping from June 2017.

The operation of the lamp is simple. It has two wooden balls with magnets inside, so that when they approach they are kept in an upright position, without touching, but creating an internal connection that allows the inside of the frame to light up.

As they have been obtaining more financing they have been unlocking new designs: round, oval, square … but all of them with the same operation, keeping the magnetic balls as a switch for the system.

They have already exceeded 50,000 dollars of investment, they only lost 10,000, and if they exceed 60,000, they would unlock the black model.

The designer is Li Zanwen, who has won the 2016 Red Dot Award with this device.

As you can see, being successful with technology does not always require advanced knowledge of electronics, a good idea, good contacts and good taste are enough to attract attention.