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A hacker knocks down 20% of the Dark Web

A hacker knocks down 20% of the Dark Web

A hacker knocks down 20% of the Dark Web

More than 10,000 sites in the Dark Web They’ve been blocked by a hacker, and this time, for good reason.

The Networks an immense place with millions of web pages that we will never get to know, however it is only a small part of the Internet, places like the DarkWeb store a lot of information that remains hidden for the vast majority of users, but which anyone can reach .

The sites of this dark web not found in google nor in any other known search engine, but specific software, such as Tor, is used to enter. What is there? everything from black market for articles, information portals like ProPublica and also child pornography, Unfortunately.

Thousands of websites with illegal material, blocked

One of the services hosting websites on the Dark Web is Freedom Hosting II and this weekend it has been hacked, blocking more than 10,000 pages that represent the 20% of all content on this dark web. Why Most of them were full of child pornography.

Those responsible for Freedom Hosting II received a message from the hacker informing them about the hack. As he says on Motherboard, his intention was not really to hack his database and in fact it is the first time he has done this.

At first, he only wanted to take advantage of his knowledge to browse which websites were hosted on that Dark Web hosting, but in his search he discovered that more than 50% of those hosted pages were packed with content with child pornography.

While many normal websites barely weighed more than a few hundred megabytes, there were sites with several gigs in pornography and therefore, it was space for which they were payingFreedom Hosting II, which knew the activity.

20% of Dark Web hacked

In total, the attack has blocked more than 70GB of illegal pornographic content and the hacker group, which is related to Anonymous, He decided to take the good action of knocking down the entire server and making the material available to expert security investigators and these at the same time to the authorities. That s, what they have not published has been the list of users.

This is just a small bite to everything that is hidden in that part of the Internet, but something is something and hopefully it will serve the authorities to find more responsible.