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A game based on stealing Adobe passwords


Millions of passwords, with their corresponding user names, were stolen from the Adobe database just over a month ago, millions of customers who have seen how their access data was publicly available, since the way to hide the password was pretty basic, anyone with a little knowledge of the subject could discover what was hidden there. They also stole information from the credit cards and the code of some of Adobe’s programs, as reported on the company’s blog.

The problem is not that you can enter the Adobe account of other people (Adobe has already taken care of requesting the change of password of its users in the next access, something for which email is necessary), the problem is In that many users use the same combination of username and password in other services, so that data pair (login and password) may be being used to access emails, paypal accounts, web servers and a long etcetera.

Some hosting services have already sent information to their users on the subject, so that they change their passwords immediately if it coincides with Adobe’s, since otherwise millions of websites around the world could be easily invaded. .

The case is that the matter is serious, but that does not prevent that a game on the subject has already been published. At there is a crossword puzzle in which stolen passwords (the most popular) are the protagonists, as announced on TNW.

The game displays dozens of extremely popular passwords worldwide, from the famous 123456 (the most widely used by far) to the zxcvb of a lifetime, so it is important to review them to verify that it does not match any of ours.