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A free app with math games for kids

Animal Math Toddler Games is a free app for iOS that offers parents to spend an entertaining moment with the little ones in the house, playing with math.

Many colors, drawings and catchy music will be found in this app that promises to help children learn without realizing it. It has different degrees of difficulty, depending on the age of the little ones and the skills that parents or teachers want them to develop.

For example, there are games to identify and recognize numbers. They will have to put a certain number in a basket, choose the one indicated among a group, put them in order, follow a sequence, etc.

There are some options that allow you to customize the dynamics of the games, in addition to a reward system to encourage children to participate. As mentioned by the creators of the app, there are more than 30 interactive prizes to unlock, hidden among the characters.

The app is in English, but with the help of parents or someone responsible to tell them the dynamics of the game, they can do it without problems. Undoubtedly, an interesting resource to share time with children, so that they learn by playing.

To download the app, just go to the App Store.