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A device that will allow dogs to speak our language


That’s right, that’s what they say they are building on, where they have already obtained 4,000 more dollars than they initially requested to create the first translator for dogs, which will allow, in the first version, to emit sounds in English, taking the French, mandarin and Spanish in the waiting line.

It is a small device that analyzes the thought patterns of animals, although they make it clear that what they want is to raise awareness about this area of ​​science:

Among the patterns we have found are I am tired, I am excited and possibly I am hungry, as well as the brain activity that is detected when a dog sees a new face, which we translate into: Who are you ?. So far we have financed this project all by ourselves, so the amount of money we want now is really low.

To develop the device they use technology from three different areas: sensorization, Micro Computing and BCI (Brain Computer interfaces) software, areas that help to identify and track functions of the human brain.

[…] There is a spectrum of specific electrical signals in the brain that define the feeling of tiredness, for example, although it is worth noting that dogs think differently than humans. While the signals from dogs’ brains might indicate emotions, that doesn’t really mean the dog thinks, it’s more of a state of mind than a thought.

At the moment they are only analyzing the possibilities, promising that they are not taking any action that could harm the animals. They comment that the first version will be very rudimentary, although they remember that the first computer was also …