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A Chrome extension to have multiple accounts open on Twitter, Facebook … or anywhere


If you need to have two Facebook accounts open at the same time, or two from Google apps, or four from Twitter … you will surely end up doing what half of the web world does: open windows in incognito mode to be able to identify yourself without saving cookies or interfering with accounts already open.

That problem that we hope will be solved naturally in the coming months, can be solved with this extension for Chrome, a plugin that allows you to have several tabs open at the same time with the anonymous mode in each of them, thus allowing you to work with several accounts open from the same website at the same time.

We just have to click on the right button that appears when installing the plugin, and we will see how a new tab is generated ready to receive the url of the web that we want, without fear that it will save information about the type of user that is being identified.

They compare it in Lifehacker with Multifox, plugin for Firefox that allows you to perform the same task from said browser, although in this case it seems much easier to use, since you don’t even need to understand exactly what you are doing, we can simply open dozens of tabs in incognito mode and work with them normally.