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A Chrome extension that replaces content on social networks


If you definitely don’t like cats and prefer to see anything related to 16th century art instead, there is now an extension that can help you.

Is about Rather (, an application that we can configure so that whenever content with certain labels appears in our timelines on social networks, it is replaced by other topics that are more attractive to us.

Rather tracks the information on Facebook and Twitter (at the moment it is not compatible with any other network) in search of the words that we indicate. Every time a match appears, Rather is in charge of replacing the content, searching its database for what we have configured to see instead.

We can indicate that instead of cats we want to see the news from a specific medium, or that whenever someone talks about PSOE or PP, photos of cats obtained from instagram appear, for example. Just report a word to get a list of related mentions, so that no tag related to the topic you want to remove does not escape (ideal to avoid spoilers for movies and series).

The most interesting thing is that we can see in real time what people are blocking the most and why they are being replaced, thus helping to better understand the interests of the user community and adjust our content in case we dedicate ourselves to report.

They comment on allfacebook that the project has been carried out by the same people who did, application that deleted baby photos from our Facebook.

What is clear is that if we feel the need to replace content from our timeline, the best option may be to review the people we follow … I think it will end up being more practical in the long term.