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900 million Android devices are vulnerable, see if it affects you

900 million Android devices are vulnerable, see if it affects you

900 million Android devices are vulnerable, see if it affects you

A security breach on hundreds of millions of Android devices it makes them vulnerable to attack.

The week could not have started worse for the Android world as a serious vulnerability in Qualcomm processors jeopardizes the security of more than 900 million devices worldwide.

900 million, which is said soon. The ruling has been named QuadRooter And we will explain what it is, how you can check if it affects you and what to do if your Android device is indeed among the winners.

What is QuadRooter? The vulnerability in Qualcomm chips

It is not a single vulnerability, but QuadRooter is the name given to a set of 4 vulnerabilities that affect phones and tablets with operating system Android that use Qualcomm processors.

It may seem a bit distant, but Qualcomm is one of the leaders among manufacturers of mobile devices and its market share is huge, that’s why so many millions of gadgets are affected.

QuadRooter was exposed by Check Point and its experts during the Def Con 24 conference, which was held in Las Vegas, and it is about a series of vulnerabilities that affect the system of permissions and privileges.

Android devices affected by QuadRooter may be hijacked by attackers, that is, they may take full control of the device without the user having to expressly grant them permissions, as we read in El Androide Libre.

More than 900 million affected phones

Among the affected phones there are key models in the current market, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the latest HTC One and HTC 10, Oneplus phones, the LG G4, G5, Moto X

Check if your Android is affected by QuadRooter

The list of devices is huge, but Check Point has created an application that is already available on Google Play and allows you instantly know if your Android is affected because of vulnerability.

QuadRooter Scanner on Google Play

If your mobile is affected, it will tell you, specifically telling you what the vulnerabilities are (they may not be 4).

That yes, there is no solution, the application only reports, does not correct the failures, because this is something that depends on Qualcomm and its updates.

What do I do if I am affected?

At the moment it only remains to wait for it to be corrected, but you can follow the typical recommendations how check that you have the latest version of Android available for your phone and that is updated with the latest patches, check what applications you have installed and uninstall those that you do not trust and, of course, avoid installing APK files from unknown sources.

Has QuadRooter affected you?