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8 tricks with YouTube links you should know

8 tricks with YouTube links you should know

8 tricks with YouTube links you should know

Discover everything you can do simply by modifying the address of a YouTube video.

Youtube It is the quintessential video platform, thousands of new content are uploaded every day and the Google service continues to grow. More than 1 billion hours of video are consumed per day, and you can find literally everything on YouTube.

The consumption habits Multimedia content has changed and it is not strange that we already spend more time on YouTube than watching traditional television. Now, you can get a lot out of YouTube videos. Previously we have talked about extensions to improve YouTube, but now we will show you tricks to squeeze urls from videos.

Squeezing YouTube URLs

Before we begin, and for the sake of clarity, the URL of a video is directly the link found in the browser’s navigation bar. Therefore, from this video, the url would be:


These are the tricks we can perform by just modifying that URL.

Download the video

Yes, there are many programs, pages and extensions for download videos from YouTube on the computer, but if you do not have anything at hand or you are on a computer where you cannot install them, just modify the URL of the video to download it.

For example, you just have to add kick before the word youtube in the URL so that it takes you directly to a page from where you can download the video in different resolutions or even just the audio. For example:

  • https: //

It also works if we directly replace youtube with savemedia, such as so:

  • https: // / watch? v = 5Uo4D1mdBp8

Go directly to a part of the video

Normally when we share the link to a video it plays from the beginning, but imagine that you want the person to only see from a specific moment. You can share directly a URL that leads right to that moment of the video, something very useful especially in long videos.

To do this, simply add the tag? T = XmYYs, substituting X and Y for the minutes and seconds from which you want it to start playing. For example, the example video would look like this:


If you enter that link you will see that it automatically starts at minute 2 with 34 seconds.

If you do not want to go modifying the URL, YouTube itself gives us a faster way from the player itself. Press the Share button at the bottom of the video and you will see the option Start on, there the time is indicated and ready, the link is generated automatically.

How to always skip the intro of the videos

A variant of the above trick is to use the & start = X tag, where X is a number of seconds. That is, if we indicate 30 seconds, the video will always start at that moment.


It is a form of avoid long intros from some channels and go directly to the content.

Share a direct subscription link to your channel

If you have a YouTube channel, can you directly share a link in which the subscription message appears in one click by adding the tag?sub_confirmation = 1, such that:


Loop YouTube video

If there is a song that you love, or you want to watch a specific video 24 hours a day, you can create a loop by adding the word repeater after youtube in the URL, such as:

  • / watch? v = 5Uo4D1mdBp8

Explore YouTube TV interface

YouTube has applications for smartphones, tablets and, of course, the web version that we all know, but what you may not know is the web version of YouTube for TV. You can enter directly from:


Everything is bigger and simpler, being able to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. Be careful not to confuse it with the YouTube TV service:

How to extract the thumbnail from a YouTube video

That yes, natively you cannot see the thumbnail at full resolution as a separate image, but you can extract it with this trick. We only need the video ID code, which is what comes after? V =, which appears in bold here:


Well, we copy that code and paste it here, where CODE is indicated


Such that:


The result is a direct link to the thumbnail image of the video at full resolution.

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

You have seen a funny part of a video and you want make a gif lively just from that moment? You just have to add gif before youtube in the URL and a GIF editor will appear directly

  • https: //

You can add texts, stickers, crop, add effects and much more.

More tricks for YouTube

Do you know more tricks to squeeze YouTube links? Do not forget to stop by other articles with more tricks for YouTube, as well as browser extensions that allow us to improve the experience with the Google video platform.