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8 reasons why Google+ hangouts are essential for our brand

8 reasons why Google+ hangouts are essential for our brand

The rise and penetration of the mobile Web is modifying all the paradigms associated with efficient formulas to build a company, however, and beyond the modifications in advertising models and marketing strategies, the truth is that the mobile Web It is faced with the need to become aware of the importance of real time and the indispensable nature of social action in any innovative project.

It is in this direction that we delve into the advantages that lie behind Google+ hangouts, a universe yet to be discovered for brands, which we try to break down in order to identify the maximum strengths that the most powerful search engine social network , makes available to the new business culture. It is a subject that has already been discussed by many media, such as in his article 10 Reasons To Use Google+ Hangouts To Grow Your Business from which we extract some important points:

Company = optimization of resources

We are witnessing a structural change in the way of doing business. Today we know how much resources must be cared for and, without a doubt, hangouts are powerful allies of teamwork without leaving home. Knowing our clients and strategic allies, holding guideline meetings or reviewing strategies is one of the strengths that this functionality of Google+ gives us.

Branding = sum of influences

We cannot deny that the arrival of Google+ in our lives meant a structural change in the primary variables of the marketing strategies designed for the consolidation of online businesses. Today, influence is essential for the consolidation of good branding but also, to get closer to the always diffused ROI of our actions.

Google+ hangouts allow us to interact in real time with influencers, which encourages our learning and allows us to identify new development opportunities. Using Canopy Hangout we will know when our influential brands are performing a hangout. Can we imagine the amount and opportunities that can be derived from it for our brand?

Events, talks, demonstrations, training

We must remember that hangouts are carried out in real time, which is why they emerge as one of the best resources that Social Media offers us in terms of events, demonstrations, team training. Ideal from the perspective of company strategies but, and if we analyze it as an active element of virtual store marketing ?, we can imagine the added value that underlies the realization of a demonstration of our product in real time and bringing together our target audience. , without leaving home?

Free information = opportunities for all

From social action, dialogue, active listening and debate, learning is always obtained, information is synonymous with new opportunities. Active participation in Google + hangouts is the most efficient method of feedback and lifelong learning. Letting clients speak directly with us is essential today to know and learn from them.

Social action and audiovisual content

An explosion of emotions! One of the great strengths of Google+ hangouts is found in the possibility of publishing audiovisual content, which automatically generates the memory of our brand.

The more we interact, the bigger our circles will be

The power of the follow-up dialog is well known. When we actively participate in Google+ hangouts we will see how our circles grow which, due to their segmentation power, allows us to deliver to each of our followers what they need.

Training, innovative and dynamic

Formative models focused on the exaltation of knowledge and talents and the interaction through them in search of a common point that generates a link, is a reality that we cannot deny today. Using Google+ hangouts has been a revolution for parents and teachers who see them as the possibility of making training models more efficient. A strength that is equally applicable to today’s social enterprise.

Google Hangouts + = virality and visibility

While it is true that you may be participating in a meeting together with a few people, it is also a reality that Google+ informs you of the exact moment in which a meeting will be held, opening the possibility for more users to be an active part of it. Can we imagine the increase in visibility that this functionality of the search engine social network allows us?

Google has established itself as the gateway to the ubiquitous, hyper-connected Web, made up of individual talents united in pursuit of common goals and focused on meeting the needs of others, dynamic and changing. Your social network and specifically the hangouts, are indispensable elements of the integrated and global Networking center, which the search engine offers us.

The possibilities to contact and attract clients, identify trends, exercise active listening and social dialogue, carry out market studies, analyze the reputation of our brand, assess the degree of satisfaction of our clients and make strategic alliances, are already a reality.

What is the biggest strength that you find to Google+ hangouts? Do you think hangout is essential in building our personal brand?