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7 tricks for DuckDuckGo: the search engine that respects your privacy

7 tricks for DuckDuckGo: the search engine that respects your privacy


DuckDuckGo is an excellent search engine, and not only for the privacy it promises. These are the best DuckDuckGo cheats they don’t work on other search engines.

When we talk about search engines, many times it seems that there are no other options than Google, especially in the Spanish-speaking market. It is true that Google has earned that free hand by making things easier for the user, but there are other very interesting alternatives. One of them is DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a independent search engine who became famous for respecting the Privacy of users (one of the main reasons why not everyone is happy with Google). But its creators have shown that they want a strong alternative that differentiates itself in the market beyond that. They have added several unique and very interesting features. These DuckDuckGo cheats will allow you to get the most out of it and to search better and faster.

Search on a specific website without leaving the search engine

DuckDuckGo it has a series of commands known asbang that allow you to search the archive of a website from the search bar. All you have to do is put a closed exclamation mark (!) And the web command in question before your search. Then it will direct you directly to the search results on the page in question.

Some of the most interesting commands are! wfor Wikipedia,! r for Reddit,! twitter for Twitter,! and tfor Youtube and! fb to Facebook. Either way, there are 9248bangshere, so if you are curious you can check the full list.

Find out keyboard shortcuts for various apps and platforms

Cheatsheet duckduckgo gmail

If at any time you need or want to see the shortcuts of an application or platform, you can quickly find it with DuckDuckGo. You just have to put the name of the platform in question and thencheatsheet.

The truth is that the amount of services for which the shortcut list It is not as big as one would like, but you can find it from several interesting platforms such as Gmail, Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu, Chrome, Firefox and Facebook.

Check if a website is every

Doesn’t the last episode of your favorite series load you on Netflix? The first step is to find out if the problem is specifically yours or if the service is down. With DuckDuckGo you can find out quickly by puttingis (service name or web URL) down?.

Generate a strong password

DuckDuckGo password generator

Use a strong password And not always repeating it is one of the most important keys to staying safe on the Internet. DuckDuckGo can help you with this as it works as a strong password generator. You just have to enter in the search barpassword (number of characters) strong. The minimum number of characters is 8 and the maximum is 64.

Whether you want a password to register for a service that you are only going to enter once or if you are going to save it in a password manager, this is a very fast way to get a really random and secure password without complications.

Check which URL is behind a shortened

Browsing the Internet without knowing where we click is not a good idea. So whenever you find one URL shortened of minimally dubious provenance, it is best to check where you are going before clicking. And although there are many specific tools to verify this, looking directly at it in the search engine is faster.

In DuckDuckGo you have to write expand (short URL)in the search bar to get the full URL.

Convert text to lowercase quickly

Duckduckgo lowercase converter

Inadvertently activating the shift key and typing a long time without realizing it is one of the dumbest mistakes when using a computer. Fortunately, there are several tools to convert a whole text to lowercase instead of having to rewrite everything again. Among them is DuckDuckGo. All you have to do is putlowercase before the text you want to convert and you will get a lowercase copy.

Remove the ads

Like any other search engine, DuckDuckGo bases its business model on advertising on results. But it leaves users to choose whether or not they want advertising. To withdraw it, you simply have to go toSettings> General> Advertising and disable it. It is, yes, a decision that must be made with the awareness that in this way we are using the service without giving anything in return to the company. It is not a bad thing in itself, since they are the ones who give the option, but there is no turning it off lightly either.