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7 online password managers, for PC, Mac and mobile


With so much web application, online service and social network available that convinces us to join, it is useful to have on hand alternative solutions that allow you to do without the heavy task of having to remember hundreds of usernames and passwords. Obviously such solutions already exist and in addition to solving the problem, they optimize the time and the way in which each service is accessed daily, regardless of whether it is from a PC (from the desktop or from the browser), a Mac or a mobile device . Here are some of the best options:

1. TapIN

A password manager for Apple devices that stores passwords quickly to allow you to log in automatically with just a touch (or tap) instead of long passwords entered character by character. It has AES-256 encryption to guarantee its management and secure storage. Platforms: iOS

2. Dashlane

AES-256 encryption, cross-platform, instant synchronization between devices, integration with browsers to log in automatically on any website, generation of random passwords from preferred keywords, automatic filling of forms and the possibility of saving financial information (card data credit and invoices) are some of its most interesting features. Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

3. KeePass

A brand new open source application perfect for those who do not want to transfer their personal information to third parties without sufficient guarantees in their treatment. It allows you to generate multiple password databases (not just from websites) with advanced encryption algorithms for your protection. It is so secure that many third-party applications use it as a base to work, for example, on mobile devices (such as KeePassDroid, 7Pass and MiniKeePass) and Mac OS X (KeepassX). Platforms: Windows and Linux

4. KeePassDroid

Again, since KeePass is free software, there are several apps that take advantage of it from mobile devices including those that have Android. KeePassDroid is one of them which has a strong password generator, fields for free passwords (for example, of physical items such as those of the credit card) and the possibility of creating a backup in Dropbox of the password base stored. Platforms: Android

5. Roboform

A service that is offered especially as plugins for browsers but also as installable applications. The idea is simple: when trying to log into a website, you can click on the RoboForm button to present different options including the automatic form filling functionality that instantly enter the username and password. It also has random password generation. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (from the browser), iOS and Android

6. PassPack

A strictly online solution (not with an application but with a mobile version) that, in addition to allowing the safe storage of passwords and user data, makes it possible to manage and share them with other users. For better use, it has a lot of documentation even in PDF. Platforms: Desktop and mobile browsers.

7. LastPass

Finally the most popular in the list, LastPass, a password manager that minimizes the task of remembering hundreds of passwords to one. In addition, it features automatic form filling, one-click login, automatic multi-device synchronization, anti-phishing and antispam security tools, and a safe to store confidential notes protecting them through an advanced encryption process. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Windows Phone and browsers.

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