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7 hacks for the Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button now available in Spain: press the button and buy instantly

7 hacks for the Amazon Dash Button

The Dash Button has just gone on sale. With these hacks for the Amazon Dash Button you can do almost anything with the Amazon button.

The Amazon Dash Button arrived in Spain a few days ago. What Amazon intends with this button is to make the purchase process in your store even easier. You only have to press a physical button once, and the product will arrive at your house the next day.

The same idea of ​​speeding up processes with the button you can apply it to other processes apart from buying on Amazon. The Amazon Dash Button can be hacked to do whatever you want. These are some of the best hacks.

Order an Uber with the Dash Button

If you are one of those people who used to take a taxi a lot and now take an Uber a lot, this hack is for you. A simple click on the button and an Uber will come on the way to your location. If you even need to take the phone out of your pocket.

On this page you can see how to do it and on GitHub you have the code.

Order a pizza

Everyone likes pizza. The owners of the large pizza chains, aware of this, know that the only thing they need to sell pizzas is to facilitate the buying process. That is why there are even apps for smartwatches that allow you to order pizza in a couple of taps.

However, in this case the community has gone ahead of the big chains. There is already a hack to order a Dominos pizza by clicking on the Amazon Dash Button. You can see how to do it here.

Count how many times your child wakes up

Although the original idea of ​​the Dash Button was to encourage consumption by facilitating purchases, it can also be used for other things. The first hack for the Amazon Dash Button was made by a parent who simply wanted count how many times your child woke up each night, and upload the data to a Google spreadsheet.

In this article he explains how he did it and how you can do it too.

Know how much time you spend on an activity

If you want to study your performance in an activity or check if you meet certain time objectives, this hack can help you a lot. Simply press the button to start recording time, and press it again to stop the counter. The collected data is uploaded to a Google spreadsheet.

The hack was originally intended to record time practicing music, but you can use it for any other activity like studying, working or watching movies. You can see the hack code here.

Turn Philips Hue bulbs on and off

Philips Hue bulbs are another product that was created to make life easier for us to the extreme. If we combine the Hue with the Dash Button and this hack, the control of the lights in the house becomes even easier. Here you can see how to configure the Dash Button to control the Hue.

Send an SMS

If you are late to work every day and you have to send a message to your boss saying that you have caught a jam, you can do it directly with a click on the Amazon Dash Button it can be very useful. You can configure who you want to send the message to and what you want your content to be. You have the code on GitHub.

Endless possibilities: link the Dash Button with IFTTT

IFTTT is a service known for automating processes connecting different Internet services. With this Dash Button hack you can activate a recipe by pressing the Amazon button. From there, the possibilities are as wide as those of IFTTT, and it is not without saying, precisely.

Here you can see how to connect the Dash Button to IFTTT.