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7 games you can play from the Google search engine

7 games you can play from the Google search engine


We show you how you can play up to 7 games from the Google search engine.

Google, more than once, has launched some mini-game to be able to enjoy it from Google, YouTube, or even from Maps. What not many people know is that these games accumulate in the Google search engine and we can play them at any time. Yes, not only can we access these games from the computer, but we also have access to them from iOS or Android.

There are 7 games that Google has been accumulating for us to play in our spare time (refrain from playing from the office), although there are probably more.


Solitaire is one of those most typical games for when we are bored on the computer. He has been with us since Windows 98, and that is why more than one may be quite affectionate.

We can play from Google directly, without having any software installed. We just have to type Solitaire. Yes, in English, because if we look for it in Spanish the result that throwing the search will not contain any mini-game. A kind of pop-up window will open with the game and we will be able to choose either easy mode or difficult mode.

Of course the game is also in english. The difference from easy mode to difficult is that in the latter the deck of cards is presented three by three, while in simple mode they come to us one by one. It is like any other solitaire, it even allows us to undo movements.

Tic Tac Toe

Who has not played Tic Tac Toe at school? Maybe you know him as Zeroes and Crosses, or even as Tic Tac ToeWell, Tic Tac Toe is more for the American version.

This time, if we look for Tic Tac Toe we will get results, as well as if we look for Tic Tac Toe. We also have the game in Spanish, not like Solitaire. In this case we have four levels: easy, medium, impossible and game against a friend. Once the games are finished, it goes up in the counter (in case of a tie it remains). If we close the tab or change the search, the marker will return to zero.

Pac man

If we Google Pac Man we will also get one of the most mythical games of the early 80s. We must use the arrows to eat all the game points (without us dying). In this version of Google we only have one level. In the original game, of course, we have several. The only time we can eat a ghost is when we have caught one of the strongest points (we will have only a few seconds).


We continue with another of the myths Who has not played it on their Nokia 3310? Although the game is a little older (specifically from the 70’s), the most likely that you have played it on some phone from the little shell, although we also have a version forsmartphone. Of course Google is no less and has decided to add it to its list of titles to play in its search engine.


Unfortunately we cannot access this game directly from Google, but we have to play from the Doodles file. Another downside is that it does not maintain many of the rules of the original game. For example, if we hit a wall, we will appear at the other end, just as if we eat our tails, absolutely nothing will happen.

Atari Breakout


Atari Breakout has something special in front of others: It is not played from Google, but from Google images. We have to Google Atari Breakout and then go to the image section. What will happen is that all the images will become directly into the blocks that we will have to decompose to win the game. At any time we can return to the search for images with the button above the game.

To Google a Day

In this case it is not a classic or retro game. It is a game that It will put us quite a difficult challenge: launch four questions and we will have to use Google to find the answers. To enter Google at Day we will have to do it through the link, or through a search from the search engine.

Spooky cat

Spooky Cat is another of the games that we will not be able to access from the Google search engine. We will also have to access it from the Doodles repository. In this case it is the game that was used in the last Halloween, so it is very possible that it sounds to you. The truth is it’s a very exciting game in which we will have to go killing the ghosts that appear through the gestures that appear above his head.