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7 free applications to create your resume online and download it in PDF

Linkedin CV en PDF

It is obvious that the success of a curriculum does not depend on a colorful design, or at least not as much as the content it tries to highlight, but if this last point is more than satisfied, an excellent way to earn extra points is to spend a few minutes optimizing its packaging.

Whether writing them from scratch through a form or starting from the data stored on Linkedin, there are dozens of online tools created to facilitate the task of creating striking resumes in a few steps, for free, with predetermined templates and with the possibility of exporting them in PDF (ready to print). These are some of the ones they recommend in Hongkiat:

1. Linkedin

The professional social network par excellence has a PDF export tool that uses the most important user data to generate a resume in seconds. By the way, Linkedin is preparing to make all its new profiles available with multimedia modules (images, videos and presentations) perfect for publishing complete work portfolios.

2. DoYouBuzz

If you prefer a more colorful and even more elegant design, you can opt for DoYouBuzz. It has an intuitive editor with default templates and functions to edit each module by moving and clicking on each element. It allows importing the data from Linkedin, Viadeo (another network for professionals) and Facebook. The results can be obtained in PDF, Word and OpenOffice format.

3. CVMaker

It also has elegant default templates whose designs are applied with just a click but it is characterized by having small HTML editing fields to maximize the customization of each section within the curriculum. It comes in multiple languages, it has import via Linkedin and Facebook, and it allows exporting in PDF, HTML and TXT formats

4. OnlineCVGenerator

As with the previous resource, it is worth clarifying, there is no need to register to use it. It is characterized by its intuitive form -with a lively assistant- with which each of the relevant sections will be completed in a matter of minutes: Basic data, Education, Work and Skills.


In addition to being a step-by-step editing platform with templates, is a huge database of resumes that can be used as a guide to design your own, download it (PDF and Word) and optionally publish it to follow job offers that all are shared.

6. Resumesimo

Perhaps the one with the best templates, with special icons and distinctions for special sections (for example, for contact details) and a skill rating category (languages ​​and other specific qualities) to quantify your level using a scale from 1 to 4 stars. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the edit.

7. JobSpice

It does not have many templates to choose from, nor many striking functions other than the possibility of importing data from Linkedin and exporting the results in PDF and DOCX, so it really stands out is for the simple and efficient editing process in which maximum management is facilitated. of each of the text components shown in the curriculum.