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7 facts about Facebook that will help you gain more followers

After the 10 statistical data on Twitter to take advantage of trends in obtaining followers and keeping existing ones, we highlight the figures registered in similar items but for a different protagonist: Facebook. The data has been collected by Buffer, a leading social media management application, who have been tasked with including studies from other major firms like Kissmetrics. As always, it is worth noting that shared data should be treated as reference data, rather than deterministic data, because although the sources are reliable, especially because they work with real data, it is not surprising that some sites and firms may have better results. than others with your application.

1. Posts that include photos get 39% more interactions

They point out in Buffer that according to their data and those of Kissmetrics, the publications with photos and images on Facebook get around 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks on the links within the textual part that they accompany. It is not surprising when compared to Twitter but it is worth bearing in mind that although it may apply to most Fan pages, it is not the whole: for example, a page of political opinions could have a lower engagement / engagement and a lower reach than that of a page of graphic humor.

By the way, another interesting fact is that it is more efficient to share complete albums than to share each image in a post individual.

2. Short posts (about 250 characters) generate more interactions

They highlight that around 23% is the percentage increase that is usually noticed in interactions in short publications. They also highlight the relevant fact that the coupling increases as it becomes shorter, reaching even 66% in posts With just 80 characters, a wonderful amount for an audience with less and less time at their disposal due to the enormous amount of content that is generated daily. The magic number: 250 characters approximately in each publication, something like two tweets and nothing else.

3. Comments can increase about 33% if emoticons are included

The data in this item is based on an infographic titled Facebook Science Engagement and designed by American Express OPEN Forum. It is shown that in the same measure, 33%, increases the number of times each publication is shared if it includes emoticons. It is also highlighted that up to 57% more likes can be achieved if they know how to take advantage and the prejudice that they are only for adolescents is eliminated, and the reason is very simple: Regardless of age, emoticons indicate emotions, and emotions they are human representations, and humans in general place more value on human connections.

4. Thursday and Friday are the key days to post

Weekends are still the best time to take advantage of the willingness of most users to consume content, these being their way of freeing themselves from the stressful workday. Thus, the only thing that remains is to give special treatment to publications during those days, for example, wisely squeezing the previous three points.

5. Posts with questions can get up to twice as many comments

Those who want to base their strategy on Facebook through comments should keep in mind that the easiest way to achieve this is by posting open-ended questions: Do you think that…? Should we…? What is your opinion on…? Who is your… favorite … ?, etc. Something also important is that the likes and Shares numbers are usually not that high (which will not increase new followers greatly), but it is essential if you want to take advantage of the opinion of current readers and keep them hooked.

6. 35% click like on a Fan page just to access their contests

Contrary to the previous point, a strategy to get new followers is through viral contests. Such a provision can be optimized to be viral if the hook words (the most efficient are usually the most obvious: Contest, Win, Participate, etc.) are included within the text of the publication along with graphic material (images and videos).

7. Likewise, approximately 42% click on Like to get discounts, coupons and other promotions.

Finally, data on the rates of engagement coupon promotion campaigns followed by those that include discounts and other easily distributable gifts, for example, through highly viral giveaways by nature.