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6 tools to know if your site has been penalized in Google

The Abusive Hosts Blocking List

Have you suffered a significant drop in the number of visits to your site? Despite the days you have expected to find an improvement, do the statistics continue without recovering? If this is your case, it is very likely that your site has been penalized by Google. Regarding the reasons, it may be a misleading method of monetization or content whose quality did not meet the requirements of recent search engine algorithms (until considering it as SPAM), but it may also be a mistake on your website and is not blacklisted but is having bugs preventing access to users.

Anyway, to get out of doubt there are some portals that in MakeUseOf have shared to check directly if the site is part of blacklists of ISP’s or SPAM that Google can take as a reference, but before my advice is to check the number of pages indexed by it may be a ban temporary (some every in keywords and positioning) or total (no trace). To do this, just go to and enter as search site: https: //your, without quotes and changing what https://your by your URL.

The Abusive Hosts Blocking List

This tool compares the domain or IP of the server where the page is hosted, with a database made up of thousands of sites that various Internet providers (ISP) consider as spam, with malware or with viruses. If the relationship is affirmative, highlight the reasons for the blockage and in several cases suggestions to avoid it.


As they comment on MakeUseOf it is the most popular since it does the same as the previous one, only not with a database but with dozens of them. If no problem is found, an OK appears next to the database revised; otherwise, inform us with a Listed! and a See why to know the reasons.


MXToolbox offers a tool that in addition to reviewing various databases, highlighting blacklists and causes that generate blockades, has a service that monitors and alerts for US $ 20 a month as soon as the domain or IP in question is added to a of these lists, in addition to showing custom solutions.

Blacklist Check

WhatIsMyIpAdress, in addition to its well-known function of showing the IP that belongs to each computer, also has a revision of blacklists of SPAM sites, very useful for example, to know if that is the reason that the emails of the company (or person) do not pass the filters of the mail systems and consequently do not reach their recipient.

Blacklist Monitoring

Another site that performs a general analysis to find out if the web is considered a prohibited site, SPAM or with malicious software. Not Found is the answer to give if this hypothesis is false, or at least the databases do not take it that way.

Google Webmasters tools

Finally and again, the best solution is to directly check the indexing but this time from a more complete site, from the webmasters from Google (if you haven’t activated it, it’s free). In the Diagnostics part, in the left sidebar, there are some important functions like Tracking Statistics and Explore as Googlebot. By the way you can look at the malicious software that checks if the suspicions of dangerous content are true and are the cause of the penalties.