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6 plugins for Word that will make you more productive

6 plugins for Word that will make you more productive

6 plugins for Word that will make you more productive

With these plugins for Word you can be much more productive when writing, laying out, reviewing and reading documents.

If Office is characterized by something, it is the amount of possibilities it offers. Almost anything you may want to do with a document, you can do with Word. But of course there is always a lot of room for improvement and that’s why, being aware of this, Microsoft turned its program into a platform allowing outside developers to create add-ons that will enhance your program.

Those Word plugins can make you more productive, give you new possibilities and even correct your writing style.

How to install Word add-ins

Installing Word plugins is as easy as opening the program, selecting the insert tab in the top menu and then click shop. There you will find a list with your accessories and the store, where you can find the accessories separated by categories with a brief description. These are those that we consider most useful.

Pickit Presentation Images

Pickit Presentation Images is an image bank built into Word. If you are writing a document that you need to illustrate with images, either for instructional or decorative purposes, you can browse your library or use the search engine to find the image you need.


Translator is a Microsoft add-on that works from Microsoft Translator and that allows you get translations or translate documents easily. Simply select text in a document or type something directly into the translator to get a translation in the language of your choice. Simple and effective.


DocuSign is a popular service to digitize your signature and include it in various documents. For a long time, the service also allows link your signature with Office 365, and thanks to the Word add-in, you can sign your documents very easily.

Symbol Search

Word has an integrated system to add symbols to your documents, but the truth is that it is quite precarious and finding the symbol you need can be a real torture. Symbol Search is a plugin that allows you to find symbols with a search engine and also greatly expands the symbol library included in Word. is a website that indexes the meanings for abbreviations and acronyms. It also has a Word plugin that allows you to select an abbreviation when you are reading a document, andshows the possible meanings of this abbreviation.

Consistency Checker


Although Word already has an auto-checker that works quite well, it only checks spelling and grammar. Consistency Checker is a plugin that scan your document and identify inconsistencies in word separation, how to write an abbreviation, how to write numbers and many other things.

For example, if you write R.A.E one time and RAE another, Consitency Checker will identify that inconsistency so you can correct it. In this way, your documents will have a very important consistency of style in official documents and others.

And you, do you use these accessories?