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6 places to get costume ideas for Halloween


If you have still chosen your costume for Halloween or your children’s for lack of good ideas, thanks to social networks you still have the opportunity to show off taking advantage of the dozens of recommendations in the form of photographs that are published on them. Of course, the search is not easy due to the amount of content of each network, so it is useful to have a clear starting point, or as in this case, half a dozen specific sources:

Costume boards on Pinterest

The collections of images found on Pinterest are brilliant, highlighting everything related to fashion, design and creativity. Obviously, children’s and adult costumes also have their place on dozens of Pinterest boards that are found when searching, for example, by the keywords Halloween, costumes or costumes.

The Cosplay community on Google+

A place where photos of amazing cosplay examples are shared, faithful replicas of fictional characters (anime, comics, movies, games, etc.) with extraordinary quality and detail that make them not really seem to be in this world. Some costumes are expensive and others are totally original but with many hours of work necessary for their elaboration, so if you want to copy them, you must have at least enough free time.

Google images

In addition to the thousands of conventional results that Google throws up when searching for keywords such as those mentioned for Pinterest, automatic collections that organize the results by their similarity are also highlighted at the top of the Google service: curious homemade costumes, costumes for children , original costumes, etc. To make matters worse, the search is enriched by its display mode that allows you to quickly review the results as if they were slides.

WTF Costumes on Facebook

In WTF Costumes There are bizarre, funny, incredible, ingenious and striking costumes, so if you want to be as striking as possible rather than dressing up, this Facebook page can undoubtedly be your first option. Another interesting point is that the costumes shown are usually inexpensive.

Twitter and its photo search filters

Long ago tweets they stopped being simple text to become a place to publish multimedia content, with detail, extreme ease (hence its great success) and from any corner of the world. Well, it is possible to use the search filters of the top drawer to go through the latest photographs that are published from all latitudes. You can start by searching for the photos related to the keywords costume, costumes, costume, costumes and #Halloween.

Cosplay and Costumes on Tumblr

Finally another Cosplay space, a blog on Tumblr, with great ideas that can be useful as costumes for Halloween. Something characteristic is that most of them share photos with very sexy costumes that can be the first option for many women, also, unlike the Google+ Cosplay Community, the characters represented are mostly non-oriental, that is, they are Examples of American cosplay are more likely to appear than Japanese.