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6 movies that were actually going to be sequels to others

6 movies that were actually going to be sequels to others

6 movies that were actually going to be sequels to others

6 films that were going to be sequels in the beginning, but that during their development became independent works.

The second parts are always worse, or so they say. That saying may not be true in 100% of cases, but I know that it is quite common for sequels not to reach the level of a first installment. But, that same rule is fulfilled in movies that were going to be sequels but eventually became independent?

There are some films that in principle were to be continuations of others, but which for various reasons were considered during filming or writing the script that it was better to free them from the plot ties of its predecessor, or present them as separate films. Some of the results are surprisingly good.

The jungle of crystal


The myth Die hard by Bruce Willis, inexplicably translated into Spanish as La jungla de cristal, is an adaptation of the novel Nothing Lasts Forever from Roderick Thorp which is his once a sequel to The Detective, who had been adapted to the cinema with Frank Sinatra playing the leading role.

Initially, 20th Century Fox offered the role of John McClane to SinatraBut he rejected it saying: I am too old and rich to continue acting. That is why they offered the role to Bruce Willis and the film was not presented as a sequel. Now, the saga consists of 4 sequels and is a myth of action cinema.

The hateful eight

Tarantino originally conceived his last film as a sequel to the previous one., Django Unchained, but after going over the script several times he realized that the Django character did not fit anything in the new movie, in which all the other characters lacked completely morality.

So I decided to remove the character from the script, adapt it accordingly, and rename the movie: from Django in White Hell to Hateful Eight.


Very few people know or even believe the origin of Predator. After the filming of Rocky IV, in Hollywood they circulated the absurd joke that, in the fifth installment of the saga, Stallone would fight against an alien, since anyone was little to him. As well, Jim and John Thomas, two screenwriters, decided to bring that madness to reality.

Producer Joel Silver liked the story, and decided to do it, replacing that s to Silvester Stallone by Schwarzenegger, and removing the Rocky Balboa name from the movie.

Minority Report

After the box office success that was Total Challenge in 1990, TriStar Pictures was looking for a sequel to get safe money. They thought that the Minority Report could be a good continuation, with the excuse that it was also a Philip K. Dick story, and they hired Jon Cohen to turn the story into a credible continuation.

However, Carcolo Pictures, owner of the rights to both films, went bankrupt before the film ended. The project then fell into the hands of Steven Spielberg thanks to 20th Century Fox, who put aside the idea for the sequel.

In the mind of the assassin


A similar story is that of In the mind of a murderer, which was originally born because New Line Cinema sought a sequel to the success of Se7ven. So in 2002 they bought the script for In the mind of a murderer (Solace was his name in English), with the idea of ​​making it the script for their new movie: Ei8ht.

But the project was temporarily canceled because Se7ven director David Fincher had no interest in working on a sequel. Furthermore, he went on to say that I’d rather have cigarettes in my eyes to direct that sequel. New Line Cinema recovered the project in 2013, but using the original script instead of turning it into a sequel.


Following the critical and box office success of Len: The Professional, its director Luc Besson began work on a continuation originally called Mathilda. However, he found nothing but trouble working on it, so after 12 years decided to make Mathilda into a new movie: Colombian.

And with this we end our list. It is very curious to see how some of these films could become mythical thanks to the fact that they were detached from their prequels, thus being able to introduce key and fresher elements.